Thursday, May 22, 2014

History Bowl

This coming Thursday 5/29 marks the third annual History Bowl between the Phoenix and Fungi Social Studies classes.  The Phoenix (that's us) is the defending champion and we intend to keep that title on our side of the 8th Grade hall.  This week students are working collaboratively in their groups to better prepare themselves for the upcoming match.  Skills like accessing previous knowledge and assigning work material in the groups will be the focus.  Working collaboratively is a skill students and all adults need in this 21st century world where "no man is an island" J. Donne.  The content material we are focusing on is as follows:

* United States and North Carolina Geography
* Native Americans (First Peoples)
* Basic American Government structures
* Early Colonial America
* Economic and Financial literacy
* Environmental literacy

The study guide and practice questions can be accessed on this site.

Mr. G

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Debate Unit

Dear students, parents and guardians, we are starting our debate unit and the actual event will will be held May 13th and 14th.  Students will be  engrossed with researching, taking notes, learning about particular issues going on in America and the world and writing arguments for their debate. This year we have asked students to take tests, write essays, complete projects and and various assessments. We thought it would be "fun" to teach and actively engage students in the art of debate. Click on the right hand side of the blog to read more about the topics we will be debating.

Mr. G